Heroje, a former division of the Longsys Group, began working in the barcode and automated identification industry in 2009.

Longsys Group was founded in 1998, headquarters in Shenzhen, in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu with branch offices. Annual revenue of 9 billion CNY.

Heroje in 2007 design mobile payment equipment and related industry standards for China UnionPay and China Mobile, during this period, we accumulated rich R&D experience and research resources.

In 2014, the company launched a new VI system, the company name and brand name independent unity for new. Since then, the company has entered a new rapid development track.

sanner application


Collaboration with China UnionPay to develop mobile payment machines and industry standards


Introduction of the first high-performance barcode terminal T1M, continue to sell well up to now


Publishing T5 Series barcode terminal to help the company occupy the leading position in the market.


T5 series products account for more than 80% of the e-commerce channel share, the company has become the industry leader


Introduction of economical wireless scanner BW180U, high performance and cost-effective is sought after by the market


Successful launch of BW240G Series products based on BW180U Market, leading the Industry into the era of 2.4G Wireless scanner


China first launched Alipay scanner


CCD Scanner quickly dominates Market & H118 becomes the benchmark of CCD scanner Industry


With industry giant New World, Minde landed together with the Dubai Gulf Information Exhibition GITEX, attracting peer attention


Development of the world ' s first two - dimensional code scan engine for mobile payments


Patent Green Light High performance CCD scanner


Combined with low - cost two - dimensional code scanner sweeping the market , creating sales miracle


Launched the machine vision suite to break the monopoly of long term international brand market.


H721A Two-Dimensional Omnidirectional Desk Top Scanner launched, excellent performance is highly recognized in the market


Launched HM41 Series Industrial fixed scanner and H291 High-Performance Two-Dimensional Code DPM scanner


The third generation decoding algorithm of Heroje is officially released through strict test, and the performance of one-dimensional and two-dimensional products is greatly improved at the same time.


The scale of production enhanced, invite you to create brilliant together