Company Origin
HEROJE was a dicision of an international multinational company (LONGSYS GROUP) which was specializing in studying security, encryption, transmission, storage and other fields. The main products involve semicondutor chips, algorithms, system architecture and more. HEROJE CO.LTD operated independently in 2014, since then, HEROJE has moved to a new developmeny trajectory.
HEROJE has been focusing on image recognition and analysis, with self-developed image recognition and analysis algorithms and optical instrument, deeply cultivated in industry fields of Commercial Automation, Industrial Automation, Security and Biochermical Inspection and more.
Since the company was found, HEROJE has determined to become a professional and respected technology technology manufacturer with image recognition and analysis as our core across multiple industries.

HEROJE Products
Commercial Barcode Readers | Data Terminals | Automation Image Sensors | Machine Vision | Biochemical Identification | Optical Charactor Recognition(OCR) | ID&Passport Readers


Handheld Barcode Scanner | Heroje

Best Clients
We have won the trust of 100+ well-known brand companies.
Handheld Barcode Scanner | Heroje

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