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T5 Elite is a barcode collector use to collect barcodes, it can also collect data of quantity, use for searching product information base on barcode, and be used for barcode detection.Be mostly used in Store,Warehouse,Computer Shop etc.

  • Model Number: T5

T5 Handheld Barcode Data Collector PDT

The HEROJE's handheld bar code data collector is for doing inventory counts,inventory managment,data storage and data collection applications. These batch data collection scanners have a built in 1D laser scanner for barcode data entry and a keyboard for hand data entry.

The scanner is light-weight,fast and advanced.with the size of a regular phone,storing the scanned data into memory for later uploading to your computer via USB or Wireless.Easily generate and export file(TXT,Excel,CVS) and import datasheet to the device from software.

T5 Data Collector PDT will do more than only scan,it will optimize your business.

Handheld Barcode Scanner | Heroje
Handheld Barcode Scanner | Heroje

Commitment To Quality

The T5 Data Collector PDT is manufactured right in China,and we do all of own engineering,software development,product design,testing and assembly.we are able to control every aspect of the quality and features to provide with a finished product that is simply the best available.

Small But Powerful

The T5 Data Collector is only weight 255g and with two long life Li-ion batteries(2600mA per battery),can last more than 12 hours.

Simple Export And Import Datasheet

Can be generate file in Excel/TXT/CVS,and export to PC via USB or Wireless. Also you could simple import datasheet to T5 from software(PC).

512 MB Memory

All 512MB of memory is available for user data storage,no memory is taken up for programs.It could creat 100 warehouse lists and 10,000 barcode per list(13 digit bar codes).

Handheld Barcode Scanner | Heroje
Handheld Barcode Scanner | Heroje

Wireless Data Uploads Technology

T5 is quipped with wireless 433MHz technology,connection distance up to 50 meter indoor.Connect with PC with wireless dongle,and even Tablets for uploading bar code data in real time.

USB Interface                              

T5 features built-in USB for quick connection and easy communication using the micro USB port.USB offers data uploads,firmware changes,and data imports.Be widly used in any industries.

  • Warehouse

  • Logistics

  • Online/Offline Shops

  • Drugstore

  • Book Store

Model:T5 Elite
T5 Standard
Functions :

Simple Inventory

Barcode Collection

Simple Inventory

Database Inventory

Barcode Collection

Data Exports :YESYES
Data Imports :NOYES

Processor :

32-bit ARM processor

Operating System :


Memory :


Display Screen :

2-inch LCD screen 

Notification :

Standard buzzer, LED lights 

Wireless Module :

433MHz radio channel 

Keyboard :

24 keys

Communication distance :    

50 meters (indoor) 100 meters (outdoors) 


Scan Module :

650nm laser scan engine (1D) 

Scan Speed :

100 ± 10 times / sec.

Scan Angle :

± 60 °, ± 65 °, ± 42 ° (left, front and rear, turn) 

Scanning Depth :

5mil       35-100mm

15mil     30-300mm

30mil     40-500mm

Resolution :

0.1mm (4mil) 

Decoding Capability :             

EAN-8, UPC-E, EAN13, UPC-A, Code39 code, cross 25 yards, UCC / EAN 128, Code 128 code,CODE BAR, MSI PLESSEY, industrial 25 yards, 11 yards, Code93 code


Stanby Current :

Stand by




Power Source :

USB Charging 

Battery :

1.2V, two AA 2600mAH NiMH batteries 

Standby Time

100 ~ 150 hours                                                         

Working Hours

8 to 10 hours  

Charging Time

More than 8 hours 


Dimensions :


Weight :

255g (with battery) 

Case Material :


Key life :

1 million times

Keyboard :

25 keys

Interfaces :



Operating Temperature :

 -10 ~ 40

Storage Temperature :

 -20 ~ 50

Humidity :

10% ~ 95% (non-condensing) 


Data cable, wireless receiver 


Store, Shopmall, Warehouse management, Production line management, Library management, The apparel industry, FMCG, retail, Supply chain and other industries, The logistics industry (including warehousing, Ccourier, LTL transportation and other materials), Manufacturing, Fixed assets, Medical industry

Functions Explanation
Function :
Simple Inventory
DataBase Inventory
Barcode Collection
Description :
Collect bar code number and qty

Collect bar code number, qty and custom product attributes

Collect barcodes only
Example :

Barcode, QTY

6917806597, 12

6917806653, 50

6917806423, 80

Barcode, QTY, Name, Price, Color

1456276354, 12, A-scanner, 100, Black

1456273984, 36, B-scanner, 200, White

1456278273, 55, C-scanner, 150, Gray

1456278723, 90, D-scanner, 300, Red








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