Micro Barcode--Product Traceback Code

2018-05-04 14:37:10

Product quality traceability system uses advanced Internet of things technology and tools to assign "ID" -traceability code to a single product by means of ordinary digital code, one-dimensional bar code RFID tag, two-dimensional bar code, etc. Realizing the data acquisition and tracking of raw materials, production and processing, warehousing and logistics, market consumption, etc., based on the identity identification of one product and one code, and taking the object as the center, to realize the supply link of raw and auxiliary materials and the production link of the product. The whole life cycle management of circulation link, sales link and service link ensures the accurate control of all links in the enterprise user supply chain, and responds to the call of the country to improve the quality and safety of products. Especially in In the manufacturing industry, the use of QR codes is the most common. Why choose to use QR codes as the carrier of traceability?

Handheld Barcode Scanner | HerojeHandheld Barcode Scanner | Heroje 

1. The size of electronic components is small, such as MCU or mobile phone PCB board, QR code can be small size, as shown in the following figure

2. Two-Dimensional Code has become an important way of Information interaction

3. Two-Dimensional codes can be used as entry points to carry a variety of information.

4. Low cost of QR tag

5. Two-dimensional code is easy to operate, so scanning code can get information.

The smaller the size of the two-dimensional code, the higher the performance of the scanner. At present, QR code/Data Matrix scanners capable of recognizing 2*2mm are mostly foreign identification devices, such as international brands such as Consight, Keenz, Delycode, and so on. The purchase prices range from thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, and the prices remain high. It leads to the high cost of users and makes it difficult to trace back to the application of two-dimensional code. In view of this, HM41 series fixed scanner and H291 series handheld scanning gun, developed by Heroje Electronics, can quickly recognize small bar code and have high performance and price ratio. In 2000, the problem of high cost and difficult application was solved successfully.

Handheld Barcode Scanner | HerojeHandheld Barcode Scanner | Heroje