Electronic Fabrication--fixed reader recognition DPM Code

2018-05-04 14:37:50

Application background

With the increasingly fierce competition in the market, enterprises are constantly improving production technology and technology, but also strive to improve the level of management and refinement. As an advanced and mature automatic identification technology, bar code has been widely used in the manufacturing enterprise production planning, raw materials, finished products, processing process and product quality tracking and management. Especially for consumer electronic products, consumer demand for product quality is increasing, leading to higher and higher requirements for product quality traceability in electronic manufacturing industry.

DPM(Direct Part Mark)it is a special marking technology, not a bar code standard, which is generally called "direct parts identification".


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In the process of producing professional electroacoustic components and components, a high-tech electroacoustic technology company uses direct component marking (DPM) to monitor and trace the product quality. In view of the characteristics of production process, work station and components, it has higher requirements for bar code reading equipment, as follows:

1. The barcode size is small, the density is high, the two-dimensional bar code is used more, the equipment must have the high density reading performance, can read the two dimensional code quickly and accurately; 

2. More serial communication mode, through the sensor or serial command trigger; 

3. Bar code position is relatively fixed, but there will be horizontal or vertical offset 

4. The code reader is usually fixed on the transmission line between different stations or integrated in the equipment, which requires small size and convenient installation and fixing.

Handheld Barcode Scanner | HerojeHandheld Barcode Scanner | HerojeHandheld Barcode Scanner | Heroje

Application configuration scheme

Heroje HM41 series fixed readers

Fixed on the production line of each station and testing machine, for automatic reading of DPM two-dimensional code components.

The HM41 series fixed reader adopts the international leading image scanning engine, can read the accurate two-dimensional bar code in all directions, it has the following advantages for the component DPM application:

1. Read a wide range, when the barcode position occurs partial offset can still read; 

2. Bar code recognition accuracy is high, can read components ultra small DPM code 2 D 4 millet; 

3. Small size, compact design, convenient to fix on the production line or integrated in the equipment of 49mm × 43.5mm × 25.5 mm; 

4. Optional USB or serial communication, support a variety of trigger modes (automatic induction, constant light, external trigger or switch trigger, serial command trigger.

Customer benefit

1. The fixed HM41 reader is used to replace the traditional manual reading code to improve the automation level, improve the production efficiency and save the labor cost. 2. Compared with the same type of other foreign brands of products more cost-effective advantage. 3. Provide on-site support, provide customized functionality, more professional, quality service.