How to solve inventory management issues?

2020-04-10 21:27:28 Sara

With the development of society, Many companies in various aspects of data recording work almost complete by hands. It's time-consuming, labor-intensive and errorprone. For example: in the warehouse operation management process, daily activities such as purchase, return, shipment and inventory are all manually completed. Due to the needed of repeatadly fill in forms and data which are trivial and complicated, so that the workload is increased and cause the work is prone to errors and low efficiency. In this situation, many companies require the introduction of a computer management system. However,even companies are all using the company system, only half of the problem was solved. Because of the support of computer software, it can only solve the work of conditionally placing computers Occasionally, the manual transcription situation in the work link where the computer is unconditionally placed still cannot be resolved. Even if the computer solves the situation of partial manual transcription, it can not change the bottleneck caused by the large number of printed forms when the data is re-entered at the next computer.

If use bar code data terminal device, and with set of effective operation procedures are configured, the situation of each item in each order can be accurately grasped in time. Use the barcode data collector to scan and register the items. Can also query and modify items.

How Does Portable Data Terminal(PDT) Work?

Portable Data Terminal (PDT) is high-tech product integrating functions of Laser Scanner, Data Display, Data Collection, Data Processing, Database Inventory Management, Data Transmission and more.

Data collection isthe process of reading the barcode of the products, directly confirming the quantity of the products or entering the quantity through the keyboard. to store in text data format inside the memory of the Data Terminal, with fromat of  bar code(C20), and quantity(N4). The data can be exported or imported to PC/Device.

- Data imported is to transfer the product informations (product barcode, name and quantity) that needs to be confirmed from PC to Data Terminal through the communication interfaces of Wireless or USB Cable. This way can conveniently display the product name and quantity etc.

- Data exported is to transfer the collected commodity data to the PC through the communication interface, and then process the date to the corresponding database through the processing of the computer system.

After the date has been transmitted to the PC, it's better to delete the data, otherwise it will lead to an increase in data reading again, resulting data errors. In some cases, the date may be transmitted to the PC multiple times. So data needs to delete after data is confirmed to be invalid.

- Purchase record is to collect goods/materials incoming and confirm goods quantity and receive after quality checking.

- Return record is to collect the product which is returned by customer, recording and traceable.

- Delivery record is to collect the goods informations such as name,quantity, and customer.

- Inventory management is to collect all goods which is stored in warehouse, and can check the product name,quantity etc. it's easy for manage inventory.


The Usages Of Portable Data Terminal


Warehosue management plays a decisive role in the entire supply chain, in the past, companies used the traditional and simple methods to carry out the warehouse inventory. The frequent in and out of the materials and the number of orders every day, manual operation and manual entry are not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also easy to get errors.In addition, people do not realize the importance of barcoding which can easily cause data disorder and affect efficiency.What's more, the company may suffered losses.

How to effectively reduce inventory and improve the efficiency of warehousing and inventory management is an urgent issue that enterprises must solve at present. Portable Data Terminal can solve above problems which can connect with data in ERP system, mobile operation, improve warehouse management, easily and perfectly solve the drawbacks of the management mode of manually data entered, and greatly improve the efficiency of warehouse management.

In the process of warehouse management, warehouse manager can use the portable data terminal to collect the receipt list data through wireless communication function, and accurately complete the receipt information checking and other more through barcode scannig function.



With the increasing popularity of e-commerce, logistics industry has realized repid expansion, According to data from CECRC (China Electronic Commerce Research Centre), the number of express parcels has exceeded 45 million every day. The heavy workload makes express delivery rather slow. Lack of access to logistics information and low level of automation result in low working efficiency, high operational costs, delayed transportation and dispatch, and most seriously, customer dissatifaction and complaints. These paper-based labor-intensice operations will be replaced with more intelligent technologies such as barcoding.

Heroje provides you with powerful Portable Data Terminals base in uOS II system, to help to collect every pacakge informations, improve operational efficiency, make optimal use of resources, and boost customer satifaction.


The Difference Between Portable Data Terminal And Portable Barcode Reader

Portable Data Terminal

  1. PDT is with memory, the scanned data will be stored in the memory, and then transmit the data to the PC through wireless or usb cable.It's very convenient and efficient.

  2. PDT can work the same without connecting to the PC.

  3. PDT has a screen that can check the scanned barcode information at any time.

  4. PDT has its own keyboard, if there is error bar code or damaged bar code can not be scanned, then can use the keyboard to modify / input at any time.

Portable Barcode Reader

  1. A general barcode reader has no memory and can only transfer data instantly.

  2. The barcode reader must be connected to PC to work.

  3. Barcode reader has no screen which can not check the barcode informations, such as name,quantity etc.


To succeed in today's digitally connected business world, you need to give your workers the right tool to complete their unique work tasks faster,smarter and better. Heroje's hand held mobile data terminals can help them raise their performance.