How to choose the suitable barcode scanner?

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How to choose the suitable barcode scanner for your business?
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There are various types of barcode scanners on the market, mixed with many different brands,prices and functions, making difficult for choosing. In order to facilitate customers to choose the barcode scanner for their intended use at a reasonable price, please pay attention to the following items when choosing a barcode scanner.

1,To determine the intended use

Where will the scanner be used in? Harsh environment, office, industrial manufacturing or retail check out?

What type of barcodes need to read? 1D liner barcodes, 2D barcodes or Direct Part Mark(DPM) codes?

What is the size of the barcode to be read?

What is the reading distance requested?

2, Classification of barcode scanners

- 1D Laser Barcode Scanners

Laser scanning technology has very high reading speed, the average reading speed is only 1/3 second. And has the ability to read the 1D liner barcodes in a long distance. However, the laser barcode scanner is very picky about the contrast of barcode printing. If the printing quality is poor or faded or low contrast, it is difficult to decode. The laser scanner uses a ratating or vibrating lens, so the durability is worse than the 1D CCD barcode scanners.

- 1D CCD Barcode Scanners
1D CCD barcode scanners are similar to laser scanners that only read 1D liner barcodes. However,it's not using laser scanning technology, but decodes by reflecting the image of the barcode. When reading poorly printed or damaged barcodes, the performance of 1D CCD barcode scanner is better than 1D laser barcode scanners. And can read 1D liner barcode on screen as well.

- 2D Imager Barcode Scanners

This type of scanner completely subverts the laser barcode scanners and CCD barcode scanners. It's decoded by advanced real-time image analysis. 2D barcode scanner can read any label 1D liner barcodes, 2D barcodes and screen barcodes. With advanced barcode repair technology, it can quickly and accurately read poor printed quality, damaged, wrinkled, and low contrast barcodes. With its ultra-fast performance, 2D barcode scanners have become more reliable in all aspects, whether industrial or retail.

3, Type of barcode scanners

- Handheld Barcode Scanners

Handheld barcode scanners are the most reliable and convenient way to use. Only need to move the scanner to the scanning object, and then press the button. In addition, the handheld barcode scanners also have different modes to choose from.

There are two types of handheld barcode scanners: wireless barcode scanners and corded barcode scanners. The biggest advantage of the wireless barcode scanner is that it can help customers avoid troublesome wires, and portability during working. However, wireless barcode scanners are usually more expensive than corded barcode scanners.

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- Desktop Omnidirectional Barcode Scanners

This type of barcode scanner is specially designed for hands-free scanning and can be read without pressing the button. As long as the customer takes the product or object close to the scanning window, it can automatically read the barcode. Provide high-volume reading ability for small to large grocery stores.When not in use for few seconds, the barcode scanner will automatically enter sleeping mode.

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- Fixed-Mount Barcode Readers

Fixed-mount barcode readers is placed on the production conveyer line or integrated in kiosk, and there is no typical trigger or scan button. Usually, there fixed-mount barcode reader will be activated by external sensors or remote controls. This fixed-mount barcode readers are suitable for high-speed assembly lines without any user intervention.

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4, Connection modes of barcode scanners

Each barcode scanners have a software compatible with client computer to transmit barcode data. Normally, the scanner is connected to the computer via a USB cable, and that way is convenient and simple to connect and the cheapest option.

For wireless barcode scanners, customers can choose Bluetooth or WIFI (2.4Ghz) connection way, but the need to consider if the application environment suitable.

5, Durability and operating environment

The application environment is a very important factor. In a good working environment, if the user can't maintain the scanner well, then is definitely not durable in long run. Most barcode scanners are designed for daily used in office or retail environments. But if need to use in a warehouse and outdoor environments, customers need to consider the durable models.

6, Choose the reliable supplier

With the continuous introduction of various barcode scanners in the market today, providing with a variety of options, it's very important for customers to find the suitable and reliable scanner. Determine how customers will use the barcode scanner to meet the functions they need, and deal with in a timely manner when problems occur. Choosing a reputable supplier is the only way to avoid counterfeit, shoddy and inferior products.


HEROJE has more than decade experience in designing and manufacturing products related to image recognition and analysis. Current our products involved 2D imager barcode scanner, industrial (DPM) scanners, OCR scanners, passport scanners, industrial barcode sensors, machine vision and biological indetification. Therefore, the products are equipped with advanced self-developed algorithms and optics, providing high-quality and cost-effective products to customers. For our suppliers, we have always followed the strict quality inspection standards to ensure all products have the best quality and performance, so that customers can use it with more confidence.

Handheld Barcode Scanner | HerojeHandheld Barcode Scanner | HerojeHandheld Barcode Scanner | Heroje
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