ID Card & Passport Documents MRZ OCR Reading Solutions

2020-07-11 18:37:44 Alexandra

We believe many people have experienced that Passport Booklets and ID Cards registration is required in many places when traveling abroad. Operators often only need to enter the Passport or ID card MRZ number into the computer in tens of seconds, How do they make it?

Passport Booklets and ID Cards registration generally used for rental registration, hotel check-in, airport counter, tax reclaim desk, currency exchange, duty free shop, travel agency registration, etc. In order to reduce the error rate of entering the MRZ manually, HEROJE technical team specially developed an OCR technology for MRZ reading, to help faster and accurately read the MRZ on the Passport Booklets and ID Cards.

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What is MRZ?

Machine-readable zone (MRZ) which is usually at the bottom of the identity page at the beginning of a passport and it is standardized by the ICAO Document 9303 (endorsed by the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission as ISO/IEC 7501-1).

Usually passport booklets are issued in "Type 3" format, while identity cards and passport cards typically use the "Type 1" format.

The machine-readable zone (MRZ) of a Type 3 travel document spans two lines, and each line is 44 characters long. The following information must be provided in the zone: name, passport number, nationality, date of birth, sex and passport expiration date. There is room for optional, often country-dependent, supplementary information. The machine-readable zone (MRZ) of Type 1 travel document spans three lines, and each line is 30 characters long.

According to the ICAO Document 9303 specification, in order for all countries to read the contents of the machine-readable zone (MRZ), Only 26 capital letters from "A" to "Z", Arabic numbers from "0" to "9" and filler "<" are used in machine readable zone, and only OCR-B font in the ISO 1073-2 standard can be used.

(Ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machine-readable_passport)

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(Identity Card)

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(Passport Booklet)

The best solution for MRZ reading

As we all know that the machine-readable zone(MRZ) of travel documents in various countries can be read by professional OCR technology.

According to market demand, HEROJE has developed a series of products equipped with self-developed OCR patented technology, handheld type, fixed-mount type, counter type for option. The series of products from algorithms to optical components are specially developed and design for reading passport booklets and ID cards, providing accurate and faster MRZ reading capability, and provide 99.99% accuracy output. Advanced algorithms can accurately identify the number "0" and the letter"O", the letter"F" and the letter"P".

Customers can choose the appropriate product according to the actual application scenario.

Handheld Barcode Scanner | HerojeHandheld Barcode Scanner | Heroje