T5 Barcode Collector Applications

2018-06-20 10:03:04

Handheld Barcode Scanner | Heroje

Handheld Barcode Scanner | Heroje

Handheld Barcode Scanner | Heroje

Handheld Barcode Scanner | Heroje

Handheld Barcode Scanner | Heroje

Electronics Serial number collection

Collect the serial number of the sold products for after sale service tracking.

For Example, Mobile Phone IMEI collection, Refrigerator SN collection, Air conditioning SN collection, TV SN collection, Tire serial number collection...


Mobile phone store、Home appliance storeRefrigerator store

Express tracking number collection


Scan and record the express number, help count the number of express delivery, help easy to do the calculation.

Prophylactic repeating bar code function, help avoid the same tracking number repeated calculation.


Tracking Number Collection


Scan  List  Prevent repeat collection

B column stand for Bar code

A column stand for Name

Warehouse inventory

Collector can storage bar code, auto count the number of bar code, and save as several different house list.

The collection results are exported as TXT/Excel/CSV documents, which are used to upload to PC to complete the inventory work.

Offline storage on collector

Upload records to computer

House Number  Barcode  Quantity  Barcode  Quantity  


Commodity information Detection

Collector can import the information of the goods and search by one scan for comparison.

Prepare commodity list  

Import list to collector

Collector scan barcode and show result

Bar code detection

It can be used to detect the bar code. Test whether the printed bar code meets the requirements and whether the bar code can be correctly identified.

Muti-house List

Multiple list can be generated as different files

Scan barcode and upload to computer

Export files

Excel/TXT/Word format supported. The separator and terminator can be user-defined.


Scan and record unique sequence number



Warehouse inventory of commodities and quantities

The default separator is a comma and can be modified by user

Multi warehouse inventory and quantity

separator and terminator can be user-defined

Warehouse number      quantity

Compare T5 Elite T5 StandardX8

BatteryA pair of AA BatteriesA pair of AA BatteriesRechargeable lithium battery


Storage 100,000 records 100,000 records 10,000,000 records



Screen2 inch Black2 inch Black2.8 inch TFT Colorful

Time RecordsAvailable

Wireless Distance50-100m(Open Area)

Export DataWireless Send by character

or use USB Cable Export as EXCEL/CSV/TXT files

FunctionSimple Inventory

Data Collection


Barcode DetectSimple Inventory

Data Collection

Database Inventory

Barcode Detect

Barcode SearchWarehouse management(In and Out)

Database Inventory

Simple Inventory

Data Collection


Barcode Detect 

Commodity InfomationOnly Collect Barcode or

’Barcode and quantity’Can import Commodity information 

and search for show outCan import Commodity information 

and search for show out