• ID Card & Passport Documents MRZ OCR Reading Solutions

    We believe many people have experienced that Passport Booklets and ID Cards registration is required in many places when traveling abroad. Operators often only need to enter the Passport or ID card MRZ number into the computer in tens of seconds, How do they make it? Passport Booklets and ID Cards registration generally used for rental registration, hotel check-in, airport counter, tax reclaim desk...

    2020/07/11 Alexandra

  • AGV Barcode Position Sensors

    What Is AGV?An automated guided vehicle or automatic guided vehicle (AGV) is a mobile robot that follows along ......

    2020/05/26 Lucy

  • How to choose the suitable barcode scanner?

    How to choose the suitable barcode scanner for your business?There are various types of barcode scanners on the market, mixed with many different brands,prices and functions, making difficult for choo

    2020/04/13 Sunny

  • Direct Part Mark (DPM) Code Reading

    Direct Part Marks (DPM): they are codes, symbols, and text that are etched or printed directly onto the surface of a part instead of affixed by a label. DPM codes, which are....

    2020/04/10 Dan

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology

    Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is distinct from linear and 2D symbologies in that it is simultaneously machine-readable and human-readable. OCR does not replace the more robust.....

    2020/04/10 Sam

  • How to solve inventory management issues?

    With the development of society, Many companies in various aspects of data recording work almost complete by hands. It's time...

    2020/04/10 Sara

  • High Resolution And High Performance 2D QR Barcode and PDF417 Reader

    2D PDF417 ID Card ReaderThis is a high performance and powerful 2D barcode QR and PDF417 reader, accurate, sensitive, high speed and very wide readable range ,and whatever for tiny or big size code;

    2019/11/16 weipeng

  • For T5 terminal End User

    How to set PRICE as attributes. How to export data with attributes.How to set two unit of T5 in different wireless channels.How to UNLOCK device?How to import and export data with T5?


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