T5 Online Upgrade Option

2018-06-26 14:15:00

To all customers:


Due to the reason that a lot of our customers don’t know the fact that our company has two versions of T5 Data Collector Terminal (T5 Standard & T5 Elite Version); we have continuously received e-mails and feedbacks from our customers complaining about our T5 Elite Version don’t have the Import File Function.  Therefore, after careful consideration, our company has decided to provide Online Upgrade Option for customers that are in need of the Import File Function but accidentally purchased our T5 Elite Version with an additional charge of $49 USD.


The Upgrade steps are as follow:


1.     Please contact Henry Tai at: Service@heroje.com  for payment and upgrade instructions. 

2.     Please e-mail us your Device ID in order for us to generate the Upgrade Code. 

3.     Once payment and your Device ID are received, we will be able to generate your Upgrade Code and the Upgrade Code will be e-mail to you afterward.  

4.     Please enter your Upgrade Code to the Device.


Should you have any question or need any additional information, please contact us at:Service@heroje.com.


Best regards,

Shenzhen Heroje Electronics Co., Ltd.